Space Food


While fresh fruits and vegetables are always fun and delicious, they are not ideal for long space missions (and, indeed, only last a few days). How, then, do astronauts eat healthily on long space missions? Our trained food educators describe techniques for sending food into space and encourage participants to experience similarities and differences between fruits and veggies in their “fresh” and “space” versions. They will also discuss the history of space food as well as some of NASA’s current space food programs and initiatives. The grand finale will feature Bike Blender Galactic Vortex Slushies. Participants will be encouraged to take a turn riding the bike blender and sample the slushies.

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Program Quick Details:

Recommended Audience:

  • Pre-school through Fifth Grade

Good For:

  • Summer Camps

  • After School programming

  • Classroom programming

  • Libraries


  • Prices starting at $275 plus mileage for up to 50 participants. Discounts available for multiple programs at the same or nearby facilities.